Florida and Georgia Creative Shade Solutions

Cantilevered Structures

Canti Levered Structures only have post on one side of a standard pyramid/gable roof structure. Structure can protrude up to 18’ from posts.

The benefits of using this type of structure is that no more than 2 posts are used for a single structure. It can also be installed without posts by mounting onto a solid wall.

This structure is used when you need posts to be out of the way.

Advantages / uses:

  • Carports, Pool deck area, Water parks, Amusement parks, Playgrounds, Bleachers
  • Carports - No front posts to worry about when opening car doors
  • Pool deck areas : Two rear posts only keeping any pool deck free of posts
  • Can stack structures side-by-side for example: an 18x75 structure
  • Can use waterproof cloth on these structures