Florida and Georgia Creative Shade Solutions

Our Facilities

Our structures and commercial sails are made in the USA at our facility in Florida.

Engineering and Permitting

Using some of the best structural engineers in Florida, our structures are built to last and meet all of the permitting requirements in all Florida counties and cities.

Weld Shop

Our full time certified welders do all welding in-house – which means short lead times, even for custom work!

Sewing Shop

Commercial sails are fabricated in our 8800 square foot sew shop. We have 6 sewing machines running all day long which means we can give you short lead times on all sails.

Powder Coating

We have a full in-house powder coating shop, producing commercial grade powder coating on all of our structures.


We have 3 crews running nonstop Florida East coast to West Coast on turnkey installation projects delivering on-time installation to all of our valued customers.

Shipping Department

We offer full-service international shipping, ( from The Cayman Island to Canada), right from our Shipping Department in Florida.