Florida and Georgia Creative Shade Solutions


Why choose us?
One stop shop for design, fabrication and installation. We have a proven track record with great references and a load of happy clients.

Quality structures at the right price. Engineered to the latest Florida and International Building Codes with the best (10/20) warranty to back our products.

No middleman - buy factory direct and save. Warranties will be directly with us.
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Can I download a brochure?
Our brochure is available in PDF format. Click here to download.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF:

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How much wind will your shade products withstand?
All of our commercial structures are designed and fabricated for 90mph wind loads or more if specifications required.

Warranties will require you to remove canopy tops only with any hurricanes warnings.
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Waterproof vs Standard fabric?
Most structures will be fabricated with the standard fabric with +- 88% water runoff but with the waterproof cloth as an option.

Not all structure types are suitable for waterproof cloth. Waterproof cloth is approximately 30% more expensive than the standard fabric.

Waterproof shade sails are a good solution but can get expansive to install as they require extra heavy duty anchoring points.
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Do I need a permit?
Check with your local municipality building department on permit requirements. The rule in Florida is “if you concrete a stick in the ground “, then most likely. We can pull all the needed permits or can help you through the permitting steps. Our shades will be engineered and installed to meet your local building codes.
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How do I clean the canopy top?
A small pressure washer with a wide nozzle should do the trick. Easier to remove the canopy and wash it on clean concrete slab. You can use dishwashing soap as needed.
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How much tension do I need on the sails?
You’ll need a high degree of tension on any type of sail to make it work. You can not let your sail flap in the wind - wind and water breaks sails.

To install the sails you need to pull the sail by hand till approx 6” from the anchoring point, then you’ll need a small ratchet strap to pull the sail the final 6 “ with the turnbuckles at max open.

Once the sail is hooked up, you can start adjusting the turnbuckles to tension the sail. The tension should be so that the sides of the sails casn not be pushed inwards more than 6”.
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Can I use wooden columns for sails?
Yes, on the smaller sails. Minimum of 6x6 PT wooden posts will work, but they would bend inwards after 2-3 years. 8” round electrical posts work the best.

We do fabricate and steel any size galvanized metal posts.
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What Fixtures Should I Have?
On the square sail you’ll need four D shackles, four pad eyes (or eye bolts) and two turnbuckles to tension. For a triangular shade sail only three of every fitting is going to be needed. To achieve further extension from the support if needed, a length of stainless chain may be used. We do not recommend the use of elastic or "bungee" cords for mounting the sail unless it is very temporary.
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What is the difference between commercial and DIY "ready made" type shade sails?
Commercial grade shade sails: Made in the USA

  • 10 year warranty
  • We only use the the best shade cloth, commercial 95, which has a 10 year warranty against fading
  • The construction on the sails is 10x stronger and more durable
  • The corners are reinforced for 90 mph winds
  • The thread is 10 years min thread
  • We use stabilizer headboards on every corner
  • 1/4" steel cable all around the sail
  • Better UV and fire rating than the Chinese made cloth

DIY sails : Made in USA ( no more cheap Chinese sails in our shop)

  • Made for backyard DIY applications
  • Homeowner will install and remove cloth as needed
  • Rated for 30 - 50 mph winds
  • Lightweight 160 gsm shade cloth
  • D rings on every corner (it still works well and the price is perfect)
  • No cable

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Commercial Warranties?
Yes, directly with us

  • 10 years on the shade cloth
  • 20 years on the steel frames and footers
  • 1 year on workmanship and hardware components

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Benefits of Shade Sails?
Shade sails transform a simple outdoor area into a dynamic, eye-catching environment. Their simple yet stylish appearance is used in both DIY and commercial applications and will compliment a variety of architectural approaches.

  • Fabric blocks up to 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays
  • Creates an inviting outdoor environment shaded from the sun
  • Helps prevent sunburn and skin cancer
  • Economical and attractive shelter from the sun
  • Does not dry rot or mildew
  • Allows greater use of patios, decks, porches, swimming pools, etc.
  • Shades furniture, garden plants, and playground equipment from the sun
  • Draws attention and increases traffic in commercial and retail areas
  • Available in a wide variety of attractive colors
  • Virtually maintenance free alternative to awnings, canopies, or umbrellas

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Do you install DIY sails?
No. We can refer you to a local handyman who can provide you with a quote if you would like.

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Can you come to my house and give me a free estimate and design?
No. We cannot provide free estimates and designs for DIY customers.

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What about storm damage?
Sometimes wind and weather causes damage to the shade sails and or structure. To find our more about repairs and replacement click here.

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Can I be a reseller?
Qualified companies can become resellers. If you are interested in learning more, click here.

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