In this article, we will discuss the importance of protection from the sun and preventing it from damaging the skin, particularly in children. Many people don’t know how bad sunlight can damage the skin. However, after reading this article, you will not only know about the damaging effects of sunrays but also what you can do to prevent the risks.

The Damaging Effects Sunlight Can Have on the Skin

One of the main causes of skin cancer in adults is sun damage in children. By the time a child reaches 18 years old, they will have been exposed to 80% of their lifetime Sunray exposure. People, who are overexposed to sunrays, will get freckled dry skin, wrinkles, and eventually, develop cancers. Moreover, if you spend long periods of time lying out in the sun, you risk melanoma the most dangerous skin cancer type. This type of skin cancer also results from too much sunburn.

Some children will get a suntan rather than sunburn this means your child has a good defense against damaging sunlight and the darker the tan the stronger the defense is. If your children do not darken from heavy exposure, they should avoid spending too much time outside in the daytime without shade, even while wearing sunscreen since we now know that it does not completely protect the skin from melanoma. Never risk the health of your child. To keep your children safe from having skin problems, you should install an outdoor shade structure where they play.

Keeping kids indoors constantly would be like punishment to a child and let’s not forget that children also need some sunlight to grow therefore, it would be wise to install a good shade structure where your kids most often play. For example, if you have a swimming pool that your kids spend time in during the summer months, you can have a shade structure installed to prevent the sun’s rays from beating down on your child. In addition, it wouldn’t take much to install a good shading structure over a backyard playground, to prevent risks.

Different Types of Shade Structures

You wouldn’t just want any shade structure surrounding the area of your home, so there are some things to consider ensuring the structure will do justice to your home.

You also want to look for quality, affordability, and long-lasting structures that won’t have to be replaced soon after it is installed. There are many different varieties to choose from, such as…

  • Hip roof shade structures
  • Shade kites
  • Playset shades
  • T-style shade structures
  • Mega span shade structures
  • Sails and multi-level shade sails
  • Hexagon/octagon shade structures
  • Cantilevered shade structures
  • Shade umbrellas
  • Custom-built shade structures

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