Full Installation:

We do our own installations for commercial projects. We offer a full, turnkey solution and will oversee the project from the beginning to end. We do not sub-contract and the client works directly with me. This way, we get things done and done correctly. We also repair and rebuild the cheaper shade structures.


We ship directly to your job site, warehouse or home. We use local freight carriers or our own trucks. Please contact us for a quick quote ( from zip 34689 ). Free local shipping.

Full Engineering / Permitting:

We can pull all the needed permits as required.

We also work with a very knowledgeable structural engineering firm to do all the engineering for the projects. The engineers will calculate and validate the posts sizes needed for each and every structure. These structural engineers will be my clients best friend and they will oversee that we use the correct steel and sizes to make these structures work for you for many years. They will not cut corners to save a few bucks and then risk losing a license.

Replacement Sails/ Membranes:

YES, we can fabricate new replacement sails to fit most any type of shade structure.

In some cases we have completely replaced the old roof system with our fittings and design to ensure that the new shade sail will fit and the structure will last for another 10 years. We can only do this if we know that the posts are still in good shape and no rust is visible.

New! Shade-in-a-box:

Call me and lets talk about my new idea - " Shade-in-a-box".

I'm trying to save the customer those expensive shipping costs!

I will ship you just the components that you'll need to build the structures and you can then buy all the steel and tubing locally using my specifications, saving you $$$$ on the shipping. No welding required, all components are bolted onto the posts and frame tubing - very easy to do.