As summer approaches, you might want to think about preparing for the season as you and the family will most likely be spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun. 

While some sun is good for you, too much exposure to sunlight can be very harmful not only to your skin but your eyes as well. And, according to research, the sun has gotten much brighter in the last 20 years, which means it can cause even more damage to your skin and eyes if overexposed. Yet, our bodies do need some sun to function properly.

A great way, to get the sun you need without overexposing yourself to harmful rays is by installing a sun shade sail where you will spend the most time outdoors.

Determining Where Sunshades should be installed

The first step is to decide where sunshades are needed. These are the places where you and your family will spend the most of your time at while outdoors such as a play area for the kids, in the yard where you will be enjoying family barbeques, or on the deck where you will entertain guests.

Some people also choose to install shade covers on the front of their house where they may have a private sitting or smoking area, or above, a swing seat where some may go just to relax and enjoy some fresh air, or even above a swimming pool to avoid the sun beating down on them when going for a swim.

One of the more common places to install a shade covering is above a driveway or a carport area. This helps keep the sun off of you while loading or unloading your car, or while washing or repairing your vehicle, and also keeps the sun from heating up the whole car so you won’t get burned when you try to open the door or when buckling your seat belt. Also, you won’t have to rely on placing those little sun shields in your car window to keep your vehicle cooler.

Another thing to factor in is “when” you spend most of your time in these specific areas, since the sun may be in one place at 11 am yet the total opposite at 3 pm. Another thing to look for is reflections from the sun that may happen at certain times of the day. So, where you place your sunshade cover makes a big difference considering the time of day.

Choosing the Type of Shade Sail that Best Suits Your Needs and your Budget

Now that you know where your sunshade cover is going, it’s time to think about the type of sunshade to best suit the area and that fits in your price range.

If you are covering an entertainment area, where you will have guests present, you probably want to have something that matches the surroundings. For example, if you have a green deck that you will be using to entertain guests you might want to consider getting a green shade cover to match. Some of the other important facets to choose from are…

• The design of the shade sail
• Whether you want water resistant shading or not
• Strength and durability for wind and weather resistance
• The size of the space you want to cover
• Will you require an awning cover or a patio cover?
• The material to be used
• If you want something permanent, semi-permanent, or portable
• Who will install the sunshade you or a professional service

Adding a shade sail to your surroundings doesn’t have to be a big task. You simply decide where you want it and choose what features you would like to have that go along with your budget, and choose a company you trust to purchase the shade sail. Finally, you will have to consider if you will install it yourself or hire professionals to do it for you.

Once your sunshade cover is all set up, it will be very beneficial to you, your family, and anyone else you have over to enjoy the outdoors with you.