When there isn’t enough room for standard posts in your shade area, cantilever shade structures are the ideal solution.  The biggest benefit of a cantilever structure is that it only needs support posts on one side, creating a sizable, shaded area for unrestricted movement, whereas a traditional shade sail needs posts on both sides. In contrast to a Shade Sail, there is no strain between the posts or between the posts and another structure because the loads of the cantilever are contained inside its own frame. The cantilever stands alone and does not rely on it for support.


Abacoa complex shaded bleachersCharacteristics and Advantages of Cantilever Shade

  • The area beneath the canopy can be used much more effectively thanks to the cantilever design.
  • The quick-release mechanism found on many of our cantilevers makes it simple to attach and remove the shade cloth.
  • The cantilever is extremely versatile and may be used for a variety of situations.

Although the cantilever’s primary architectural element is the same, there is a variety of cantilever shades to take into consideration.


Cantilevers offer the perfect alternative for setting up seating and tables, especially around swimming pools and other water activities where posts are unappealing close to the water. For unrestricted sports viewing while enjoying cool comfort and sun protection, our shades are also ideal as bleacher coverings and bleacher shade near sporting venues.

A cantilever is the ideal sun protection equipment for fans in the bleachers and carports.  Make Creative Shade Solutions your first choice for our broad selection of Fabric Shade Structures, canopies, and umbrellas.  When it comes to protecting outdoor areas from the sun’s damaging UV rays, our structures excel at covering playgrounds, bleachers, sports fields, pool areas, and other outdoor places.