Cantilever shades come in different sizes, forms and designs depending on where and how you want them to be useful. Let’s go through some specific areas where cantilever shades are useful.


Patios are great a place to relax and unwind during weekends and holidays. Umbrella cantilevers can make open patios hospitable even when the weather is not favorable. Here are some of the benefits of patio cantilever umbrellas:

• Can be installed where you like – They come in many specs and can even be modified to fit your needs. Additionally, they are easy to remove or move if need be.

• Multi-directional protection – There are designs that can be rotated to offer protection from different angles. You will still be protected as the position of the sun continues to change.

• Furniture protection – Different weather conditions have detrimental effects on furniture. Fabric can fade because of the sun, and the rain can corrode and weaken wooden structures. With a patio cantilever shade structure, you will not have to worry about outdoor furniture.

Parking Lots

When designed for parking lots, cantilevers take up less space as they have fewer support poles. The added space can be used to increase the number of parking spots. Fewer support pillars make parking easier and quicker as there are fewer obstacles to navigate through. This also reduces the chances of parking lot accidents.

Sports Facilities

Though people love supporting their favorite team, watching the games under the sun may not be ideal. These shades are perfect for protecting fans during matches and in turn attracting more people to attend. Multiple structures can be used to cover the length of the pitch without blocking the fans from the action going on in the pitch.

Malls, Shopping Complexes and Restaurants

For businesses, the bigger the crowd, the merrier. Roof cantilevers are a good way for enterprises to increase their usable floor space and client capacity. For malls, cantilevers can be used as relaxing spots and shaded parking lots.

Restaurants can use these structures to extend their services to verandas and sidewalks. This can bring a different and dynamic setting for the dining experience they offer. It might also help to attract customers who like to enjoy a meal in open places.

Big hotels and companies that operate from large buildings can use cantilevers to shade their entrances and long walkways from the parking lot.

School Playgrounds

We all know how playing is important to the natural development of children. The challenge, however, is the risks kids are exposed to while having fun in the sun. Cantilever shading can be used on playgrounds to protect children and play equipment.

Benefits of Cantilever Shade Structures

• They only take up a little ground space

They are designed to remain balanced and strong with minimal support structures. This means that fewer poles or pillars will be needed to erect a cantilever shade thus leaving more usable space under the shade.

• Versatility

The nature of the structures is not restrictive. They can be used in multiple settings and even customized to blend into the design of any space. Cantilevers are suitable in many applications ranging from patios to fields and swimming pools.

Cantilever shades are the perfect way to protect people and property from the heat of the sun and they take up minimal space. Canti Levered structures have many uses for businesses, water and amusement parks or any recreational area that needs shade.

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