There are numerous shade structures available for many different purposes. Some people look to buy a shade structure to provide shelter from the sun and its elements. Others want a shade structure to enhance the look of their property. The great thing about a shade structure is it can do both. Provide shade that will keep customers protected from the sun and enhance the looks of their business or property. Here are a few things you should know about before considering your shade structure purpose. There are basically three shade types available that you can use to compliment any structure or area.

Focal Point Shades

When you first approach a business like an apartment complex, a restaurant, recreation center, or any kind of shop, the first thing you might notice is the color, size, pattern, or shape of the shade surrounding the area. For instance, if a building that is designed just like any other ordinary building with evenly spaced square windows and grey, flat walls has a bright yellow contemporary styled shade hanging over it, then it’s likely that the owners of the building may have chosen to draw attention to the building or just wanted to liven things up a bit with this particular shade.

Blending/Functional Shades

While visiting an outdoor restaurant or coffee shop and trying to choose the best place to sit, you may not even notice that the seating area is covered with shade. That’s because the shades provided, blend in with the space or architecture of the area where shade is needed. These shades are usually placed along the top of the building, mainly along the outer window tops next to the seating area. They are basically modest in size, conventional in shape, and blend in with the colors of the surroundings.

Complementary Shades

Have you ever admired the cohesive and symmetry of a visually attesting, large building? This may have been due to a combination of things. What may have caught your eye were complementary colors, materials, shapes, scale, and other components. There are many ways that shades can complement an area, using a colorful, bright shade that reflects a structure with similar components, is one of them.

Most Suitable Spots for Focal-Point Shades

If your location attracts visitors who take photos or just enjoys the outdoor experience, you may want to consider getting a focal-point shade structure for the area. Moreover, tension-shade structures are well suited for public areas where people of every age play, walk around, take pictures, or film videos. • Tourist attractions: Visually striking shade structures can be used as a backdrop for those looking to take selfies or group photos at a popular vacation destination. For example, the Dallas Zoo added bright blue shade structures with butterflies that not only provides protection from the sun, but also adds an artistic touch to areas where visitors like to take vacation photos. • Storefronts with Colorful Visuals: Stores featuring products that are brightly colored, have squiggly odd shapes, or wild patterns would benefit by having a unique shade over the door that is consistent with the store’s theme and would reflect the exterior’s visuals. Whether you sell colorful candy, wacky toys, fun gizmos, or quirky antiques adding a colorful shade would make a fun and cool addition to the look and feel. • Restaurants: Restaurants are prime locations for shade structures since many people enjoy eating outdoors, but not with the sun in their eyes. Implementing a shade structure can make the dining experience more pleasant and comfortable while also expanding the seating area for more guests. In addition, restaurant shade structures enhance a building’s aesthetics with customized fabric that can be made to reflect the restaurant’s theme, allowing for a memorable dining experience that customers will want to come back to. Whether your business offers an outdoor experience or indoor activity, it is a good idea to install shade structures around the area to provide your visitors with protection from the sun, eye-catching visuals, and more pleasant experience so they will want to come back for more.