When it comes to selecting the right shade structure for your business, it can quickly seem overwhelming with so many options for materials, installation and mounting systems, shade styles, fabric colors, and more. Let’s review a few important factors to consider while designing your business’s commercial shade structure.

First, take some time to define the goal or the purpose of your shade structure. Is it to enhance your brand, create more functional and usable space, complement the business architecture, or to provide energy savings for your business? You may also have more than one goal or a combination of goals to consider for your shade structure.

A common factor when selecting shade structures for a business is using shade for energy and property damage savings. The savings can add up to be substantial with lowered air conditioning and heating costs, UV and sun damage protection for persons and property such as outdoor tables, chairs or other decor, and/or interior flooring and furniture that are regularly exposed to sunlight. The placement of the commercial shade structure is critical to maximizing your savings. Designs that can be close to windows and entrances and provide the most protection from direct sunlight at different times throughout the day will offer the most savings. Also take into account how the sunlight changes direction or intensity during different seasons and how your commercial shade design will provide year-round protection.

After you have determined your commercial shade goals, next you will want to decide which materials will best fit your design needs. At Creative Shade Solutions, you can be assured that your project will be designed and installed with the best quality materials, all made here in the U.S.A. and guaranteed to be constructed with our highest standards. Our durable steel frames are built under the guidance of structural engineers and are built to last with corrosion-resistant metals and commercial-grade quick release cable fasteners. We also offer a wide selection of commercial-grade shade fabrics to meet the needs of your most demanding project.

Third, factoring in your branding and commercial fabric colors should not be the last or least part of choosing your shade structure. Some questions to contemplate during this part of the selection process are:
• Should my shade structure draw attention to my business or blend in?
• How do I want the colors, shapes, and materials to work together and complement each other and/or my business and brand?
• Will the design and colors create a visual focal point using bright colors or edgy shapes, or do I want it to blend into the architecture and create a seamless look?
• What kind of feelings do I want my shade to create in those using it – excitement, relaxation, security, or something else?
• Do I want my shade project to have my branding on it or simply add to my brand image?
If you are unsure just how important the consideration of color is to your business, here is what Small Business Trends has to say about the importance of choosing color:
“Color meaning and the psychology of colors can powerfully impact people’s behavior and decision-making. People make subconscious judgments about a person, environment, or product within a few seconds or minutes…That fact is not lost on brands and advertisers. They know certain colors, tints, hues, and shades evoke emotion and move people to action…Through their choice of color in logos, packaging, signage, and advertising, brands can influence consumers to buy on impulse, or choose their product or service over a competitor’s…close to 85 percent claim color is a primary reason when they make a purchase!”
We have a wide selection of breathable and beautiful commercial-grade fabrics to choose from to make your shade project stand out from the rest. Designing, manufacturing, and installing shade is what we do and we do it with passion. Contact us today to have your commercial shade vision become reality!