The protection and cooling that your company’s facilities require are provided by shade structures. Our shades are ideal for any area where you want to be cool and shaded, including parks, parking lots, and housing associations. For shielding your staff and clients from damage caused by over-exposure to the sun’s rays, we provide a full line of different shapes and sizes of structures and canopies, including square shades, rectangles, hexagon and octagons, umbrellas, and sail designs (see below).

Rectangular and Square Shades

offered in cantilevers, 2-post models, 4-post designs, and other configurations.





Poolside Cantilever Umbrella

  Umbrella Shades

Various types offering freestanding, fashionable sun protection!


Shade structures for resorts, hotels and restaurants

Shades of Sail

High-tech shades and canopies



Shades of Hexagon and Octagon

These shades have multiple sides, generating a lengthy shadow.


Our shades are made to last and work well in a variety of settings. Park and recreation areas and playgrounds benefit greatly from the conventional 4-post models. Our cantilever designs, which cast a lengthy shadow across your patios and pools with a distinctive design that has the posts on only one side of the structure, may be of more appeal to pool managers.

Our arching structure design, which provides optimal shade and sun to cars at a reasonable cost, will be advantageous to parking lots. Our hexagon and octagon structures work well over picnic spots and pavilions in parks and leisure areas, shielding parkgoers from the heat and sun’s beams.

Please contact us at 727-947-3067, if you require suggestions for shade structures.