Commercial Shade Sails: Are They necessary? 

In Florida, shade sails are a necessity all year long but who wants to be stuck inside with the air conditioning cranking. Think about a parent’s perspective. Kids are going crazy, but it’s too hot to send them outdoors. Or is it? Then, they remember the shade sail at the city park down the road that protected the playground from the sun’s cruel rays.

Or maybe, you are wondering why even though things are getting back to normal post COVID, your student registration numbers are way down. Then you remember how many parents have been expressing frustration on the lack of outdoor seating protected from the sun. Cool and shaded spaces are a checkmark as your customers scroll through The Urban List for Sunday brunch inspiration.

The predicted forecast in the news is talking about an out-of-season heatwave, and you know your social and business pillars will suffer if you do not take action now. When seeking out a solution, remember, shade sails can be used equally as well for both commercial and government applications in providing an affordable and long-term solution from the effects of the harsh Florida sun.

If you’ve lived in Georgia, Florida or any southern states, you are no stranger to sun protection being ingrained into you since you were young. And your young kids now know the rules “no hat, no play”. From taking your kids to daycare and the frequent play dates to the outdoor playgrounds, you know the importance of having large shade sails spanning the lengths of an entire play area or when enjoying an ice cream at the outlet shops down the road.

At the end of the day, it is clear that if you operate any type of school, daycare, parks and recs, swimming pool, or commercial business, shade sails are a necessity. So, what’s next? For the best protection from the sun, you will need to hire the leading experts of shade sails, Creative Shade Solutions. We do everything from design, manufacturing, and of course, installation.

Commercial shade sails can be just the solution, ensuring your branding is seamlessly transferred and present. Depending on your structure and interaction with the city sidewalks, and neighboring businesses, you could look at adding commercial shade sails to add additional sidewalk seating or to create an Instagram-worthy back patio area. This could lead to further linger time of your patrons and additional seating which means more sales for you!

If you want the best shade sail in the market today, give Creative Shade Solutions located in the heart of Florida a call and we help you figure out the best shade solution for your needs.

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