Commercial Shade Sails over a children’s play area 

While investing today, you can ensure your customers continue to return and tell their friends about their experience without- the full force of the sunshine. Furthermore, when you think sails, this might bring about hot summer days trapped in a circus and jogging your memory of how stuffy it was in there. This was etched into your memory never to return on a hot summer’s day. However, there is no need to think about a repeat of those circus days. Alike residential shade sails, commercial shade sails are crafted to maximize your comfort. This means they have been tested countlessly, to uncover what we offer today. They perform excellently with a breathable cloth and careful placement of the attachment and structures that hold them up to ensure excellent airflow and feeling of expansive spaces.

With sixteen colors to choose from, this can provide further branding opportunities for you to make an impact on your customers! If we cannot accommodate the Color of your choice, we can work with you to source it and find ways to incorporate your branding on the final product. With the use of commercial-grade cloth and finished with twin needling stitching, you can find comfort in the longevity of your investment.

Now you have narrowed down your solution in pursuing commercial shade sails for the front of your café and back when Mary – your friend from your local hospitality group rings in an anxious voice. She just spent $10,000 last year sourcing shade umbrellas and is now feeling frustrated. She requires further shade protection than the umbrellas could provide and aesthetically the umbrellas did nothing to elevate her casual pub space- located along the pristine east coast beaches. You pipe up in excitement sharing your new commercial shade sails project. She is appeased with the concept but then stipulates she has already spent $10,000 and with all the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions this year, there isn’t much money left in the bank. You calm her nerves and offer comfort in their affordability for business owners.

But then another qualm pipes up. One of the main points of difference I can point to our success of the oceanside eatery is the intimate space that offers natural points of interaction amongst strangers. I cannot risk losing this with the 2020 and 2021 financial year being the worst yet. You agree these interactions are vital to your business’ success and provide insights into how commercial shade sails maximize functional spaces, utilizing connections to existing structures and/or with minimal steel columns.

“Wow, this sounds so great!” she shrieks and then further adds “I love how we can be so supportive in providing relevant and thoughtful solutions to maximize our customer experiences with the beautiful spaces we love to share.”


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