Creative Shade Solutions provides customizable shapes and fashionable alternatives for any area where people come together, whether they are little or large, decorative or themed. Our commercial shade structures’ unparalleled design and engineering are ideal for recreational spaces such as tennis courts, fitness parks, playgrounds, dog parks, zoos, amusement parks, splash pads, public/community spaces, corporate locations, hotels, airports, and more.

Our 3-Point, 4-Point Hypar, and 5-Point Sails offer plenty of shade and a contemporary, inventive appearance for any kind of setting! The cloth can take on a certain shape by varying the height of the columns, which can vary from one to the next. Because of their design, our shade sails are frequently referred to as shade kits, and they are excellent for commercial applications. Whether you’re searching for custom solutions or shade sails, our team of design specialists can assist you in realizing your goals.

Shade structures for resorts, hotels and restaurantsThree-Point Sail

You may add shade, improve the look of your property, and safeguard any valuables on the premises with the 3-point sail.


Four-Point Hypar Sail

We will assist you when you require trustworthy shade structures to safeguard your property, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and ensure that guests are comfortable. The 4-point shade sail with columns is what we provide.




Multi-Point Sail

The fabric top of the Sails structure may be “formed” to give it a unique appearance and lots of shade thanks to the columns’ varied heights.






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