A commercial shade structure is a great way to add visual appeal to your business and functional protection from the elements.  Here in Florida, (The Sunshine State) we have great weather year round, but a shade structure will protect your customers and your building from the hot Florida sun and its UV rays.

While there are many benefits to shade structures, understanding its main purpose will be critical to getting the most out of your investment.  Below are a few of the main benefits that will be advantageous for your business.

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Weather Protection

Weather protection is the obvious benefit of a shade structure.  The right structure will not only protect from the sun and help reduce temperatures. The Commercial 95 – High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric we use, can block up to 96% of harmful UV rays and reduce temperatures by up to 15 degrees under the shade.

The proper shade structure will make outdoor events and seating areas much more comfortable for your customers.

In addition to protecting against the UV rays, shades can protect against discoloration, cracking and fading of outdoor furniture or fabrics constantly exposed to the sun. Fading furniture can be off-putting to customers and costly to repair or replace.

Visual Appeal

We have talked about some of the functional benefits of a commercial shade structure. But shade structure can enhance the visual appeal of your property making it stand out and more attractive.  At Creative Shade Solutions, we specialize in fabrication and customization is not a problem. We provide innovative solutions that combine great quality and craftsmanship.

So, if you are looking to use a shade structure as a design focal point for your recreation center, mall or restaurant, we can help you choose the correct shade structure for your business, fabricate and install.

Benefit Today

Commercial shade structures can provide protection from the elements, protect property, lower energy cost and create striking visual appeal to your property.

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