Are the dog days of summer a real thing? You better believe it, especially in the southern part of the country. As temperatures rise a shade structure can be of tremendous benefit when it comes to the comfort, health and happiness of a dog during the dog days of summer.

Why Do Dogs Need Shade?

Like humans, our canine friends need a place to go, away from the sun. They can become overheated and, at that point, will need some time in the shade. When the dog is shaved, which is not recommended, it is especially worrisome, as a pet could get sunburned. Fur should be trimmed by a professional to maintain the true dog’s coat.

Without shoes, like their human friends, dogs have a chance of burning their feet as the concrete and asphalt heat up. Blistering hot days have a chance of scorching the pads of your dog’s feet. Your furry friend should be walked on grass as much as possible.

Over exercising your dog could be a problem. You may enjoy a long run, but your dog probably won’t. He assumes he is still playing, even though his body is overheating. Excessive drooling, panting or heavy breathing might be signs of this distress.

Sun Exposure

Great Danes, Beagles or Foxhounds, like humans, can get sunburned with an exposure to sun that spans hours. Short hair makes them more vulnerable; dogs with longer fur are more prepared for the sun’s rays and are less likely to burn. An interesting fact is that dogs that have white fur are more likely to get sunburned; this is because the skin underneath is fair and reacts more to the sun. There are sunburn protection ointments for dogs, but very often they lick them off.

Commercial organizations should consider a shade structure to keep dogs more comfortable.

Dogs and Shade Structures

What type of shade structures can be used on dog parks and kennels? Fabric shades that are large allow the pet and the owner to roam around beneath it, making a bit of exercise more enjoyable. The fabric allows for airflow beneath it, due to its nature.

Many pet parks choose square shades, sail shades and rectangular designs. They can be placed over turf or concrete. Custom shades can be ordered to fit an area.


Shades may be made out of quality polyethylene, which is preferred above less-costly nylon. Waterproof shades are desirable for this type of shade. Some standard fabrics have approximately 88 percent runoff, but a waterproof option is available. Heavy duty anchoring points are sometimes needed for waterproof shades.

Fabric can block up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping prevent sunburn and skin cancer in both humans and their furry friends. Creating an attractive environment, shades come in a variety of colors.

Dogs can benefit from shade as well as their owners. Learn more about shade structures. Visit us online or call 888.570.SAIL (7245).