Patio areas will start to heat up and broil as summer draws near as the sun rises higher in the sky each day. Increased temperatures can make any outdoor BBQ or gathering uncomfortable. However, there are numerous methods to incorporate shade sections into your space to combat the heat, so there’s no need to worry. You can custom-design shade sails or even roof structures similar to pavilions to suit your needs.

Yellow Colour Outside Shade StructureShade sails gained popularity first at hotels and resorts, but they gradually started to appear in home landscapes as well. At least three to four fixed anchor points, either on a home’s façade or on posts, are the foundation of the architectural concept. Usually, stainless steel or galvanized eye anchor bolts are used for these connections. The sail itself is constructed from UV-resistant, ornamental tensioned cloth that comes in a wide range of eye-catching hues. It is possible to stack and layer many sails to produce a parabolic architectural focal point. We manufacturers complete kits that are easy to install even by a beginner handyman.

Because of their innovative design, single post umbrellas have just one central support post, which makes them perfect for smaller, covered locations. Ideal locations include the playground, water parks, poolside, and even a toddler’s sandbox to provide shade and coolness.

Custom Residential Shade SailsCantilever shade structures for decks are made with just two steel columns on one side of a typical hip roof, yet they are sturdy enough to support shade coverings that reach up to 20 feet beyond the posts. Cantilever can be used to give a building more outside living space, shade, décor, or visual appeal. Their joists extend beyond the outer support beam to produce an overhang, making them similar to any other deck attached to a structure.

Our top concern is making sure every customer is completely satisfied and of the greatest caliber. In order to assure optimum lifespan, we design and manufacture all components in our 20,000 square foot Florida facility. We also guarantee full code compliance for the installation of shade structures and sails, along with excellent workmanship and a warranty.

Additionally, bear in mind that selecting our USA-made shade structures over conventional building methods will result in significant cost savings.