The non-living components of landscaping are collectively referred to as “hardscape’. 

Almost any outdoor place can benefit by adding a shade structure, from schools and churches to shopping malls and outdoor venues. Shade structures can enhance your landscape while providing sun safety and comfort during outdoor activities. 

Adding a shade structure to your outdoor space is an easy method to create a great focal point, making your establishment stand out as a thrilling destination or it can blend in harmoniously with the surroundings creating a restful tranquil space. A good design will ensure that all hardscape components blend well together and support the desired theme. 

What characteristics should you consider while selecting shade structures for outdoor areas?

  • Design – What is the look that you envision, upbeat and fun or harmonious and tranquil. Decide on the theme and feel of the space.  Create innovative places using sail-like structures or create formal luxurious spaces with frame supported structures like umbrellas and hip roof structures.   
  • Functionality – Decide on where you need shade at which time of day and year, since the sun is moving all the time. Should you make it a bit lower or bigger for maximum shade and where will the shade actually fall during the day. 
  • Durability – The shade structure ought to be able to withstand the weather well. On coastal areas or other high wind areas, you may opt to go with a more durable structure with stainless steel components. 
  • Balance – Taking into account the support points, shape, and size of the shade structure, it must utilize space as efficiently as possible. 
  • Quality – Pay close attention to the quality of your supports, hardware and material. It may be worth it to buy better quality than having to replace components all the time. 
  • Size and Height – Your shade structure’s height has the power to radically alter the mood of the area. It can make it cozy and comfortable, or be very high and make a powerful statement.  Take care not to obscure a beautiful view, or welcome the privacy that it will provide. Sail Restaurant outside patio
  • Cost – In most cases this will be your deciding factor, but do not forget that you generally get what you pay for.  Keep maintenance and replacement cost in mind before you decide something is cheap enough to buy  
  • Environmental Impact – Besides the cost, Give thought to the environmental and economic impact of your purchase.  Did your structure have to be hauled across oceans to beautify your space?  Did you support your local manufacturers by providing job opportunities close to home? Feel good about buying local, supporting local businesses, and keeping your environmental impact low. 

Benefits of a Shade Structure: 

Health: Use shade fabric that can block up to 96% of UV radiation to shield your visitors from harmful sunburn and other negative impacts of the sun’s rays. By providing a secure environment for nature’s enjoyment, shade structures encourage more time spent outdoors.  Safe sun exposure and fresh air are two of the most commonly overlooked factors keeping us healthy. 

Visual appeal: Offer a striking, long-lasting statement to entice customers to your business. Visitors will appreciate spending time in such an intriguing piece at your site. 

Car wash shade sails

Area compatibility: Use colors and shapes that correspond to your company’s brand and the atmosphere you wish to create. You can also construct a structure that blends in well with the surroundings, such as a natural setting or the other structures on your block. 

Collaboration: Use a collaborative design and build approach to contribute to the creative ideas of your company. When you opt to create a custom shade structure with Creative Shade Solutions, our experts workwith you to take your concepts and specifications and translate them into items that meet all of your needs. As a direct partner in the process, your company gives you the freedom to contribute your ideas and design the precise shade solution you require.  

Offering people, cozy outside space is crucial for any architectural endeavor to succeed. At any time of year, shade structures can be used to build areas that provide protection from wind, dust, sun, rain, snow, and noise.