Your outdoor enjoyment of warm, sunny days and evenings is made possible by your shade structure. You can stay safe from the heat and strong sunshine using it. On the other hand, bad weather can harm your shade constructions. Here are some strategies to make sure your shade structures are secure during a strong storm.

Getting Ready for a Hurricane with Your Shade Sails

Being informed will alert you in advance if any safety measures are required to protect your shade sails.  Check your structure and make sure the sails are still correctly tensioned for storms with winds less than 90 mph.  A sail that is correctly tensioned is compact and has few to no wrinkles. In the event of a hurricane warning, we advise safeguarding your investment by removing any canopy tops when the wind speed is over 90 mph.


The warranty requires that the shade cloth be removed with any hurricane warnings posted by the NOAA in your area.

Here are the measures to take if you can get the fabric off:

  • Loosen all cable clamps and turnbuckles retaining the tension on the sails; once the tension is released, the sails will easily slide off the frames.
  • Simply cut the cable to save time if you are having trouble with the clamps or turnbuckles or are running out of time (the cable can be replaced).
  • Keep the shade sail in a secure location to prevent damage from rodents and rats.

When it comes to some business properties, it could be important to employ a firm for emergency storm sail shade removal even if you are comfortable removing the cloth yourself.


After a Storm, Repairing Damaged Commercial Shade Sails

If your structures or sails were damaged or even destroyed and you were not unable to remove your shade sails. We provide services for repairing hurricane-damaged shade structures and canopies. We can also create custom replacement shades manufactured to order and provide replacement shade structures if the building or shade sail cannot be repaired.