With over 20 years in the Industry, Creative Shade Solutions, Inc offers prowess and quality as well as Commercial-grade products.

Why do Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, Contractors, and Developers, want to work with us? Because, we can provide assistance at any stage of a project, including help with initial proposals.  When we survey an area for a Shade sail installation, we provide complete design/build services including conceptual drawings, shop drawings, engineering, and construction. Or where applicable, we can provide sails custom fabricated to your design specifications.

We have worked at many Amenity centers where our product made all the difference. Creative Shade Solutions can help your outdoor spaces stand out with shade structures design.  Outdoor activities like pickleball and boccie ball are a great way to relax and exercise. Having quality shade structures in place can make these activities far more enjoyable.

  • At Creative Shade Solutions, we handle the process from conceptual design through installation.
  • We are experts in developing structurally sound, long-lasting shade structures in compliance with Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina codes.
  • We also pull all permits for you.
  • Being a self-manufacturing Company, we can fabricate shades of any complexity from elegant cantilevers to breathtaking architectural shade.
  • At our workshop, we implement strict quality and safety standards and offer a comprehensive warranty on our products, parts, and workmanship.
  • Our Vision is to carry a unique design forward through innovative solutions, quality materials, and superior engineering capabilities, to deliver an exceptional experience for every client every time.

We are the #1 in quality and offer the largest selection of endless options as well as Custom Shade Sails for every need.