If you are in the planning stages of a playground, you might create a checklist to be sure that certain features are included, such as shade. Safety should also be considered in planning a playground that will be kid-friendly, inclusive, meet ADA requirements and be a fun place for children.

You may have the job of a project for a sports complex, parking lot or amusement park. This checklist will also be helpful for projects other than playgrounds. Here are some ideas for your checklist for planning playgrounds for public spaces.

What Are Your Playground Goals?

Some goals might be set by asking if the playground will be:

  • Family friendly atmosphere
  • Sports orientation
  • Educational and enriching
  • Will pets be allowed?
  • Will there be a splash pad and aquatic emphasis?

You might think about whether the playground might have communal areas and restful viewing areas for parents.

What Are the Needs?

Thinking about how many children will be visiting at once, where the space is located, and the abilities and ages of the children will be helpful in planning. Learning more about inclusive play as well as play structures that are age-appropriate will also be useful in the early planning stages.

This would also the time to investigate safety requirements for a play space or playground.

What is the Budget?

What is the budget that you will be working with? Safety features should not be overlooked because of budget constraints. Often, budget-friendly solutions are available and should be used if funds for the project are limited.

Evaluate the Space and Plan the Design.

Will there be a shade structure? Shade structures add to the look of the playground as well as enhance its safety when hot weather looms. They also make it more inclusive, as some medications taken by children leave them more vulnerable to the sun. You can also add shade-loving plants beneath this type of design.

What about the surface? It should be suitable for children who take spills and falls while at play.

Install and Build the Playground.

Once the planning stage is completed, it it time to build your playground or sports space. It is also time to think about play products that are right for your space and the landscaping, shade area, what the shade structure will cover and extra amenities that might be included to attract more families or adults.

Learn more about the use of a shade structure as well as other features and how they can make a positive impact on your playground or sports event center. Book an appointment or call 888.570.SAIL (7245). Then get ready for a play space that is nice and cool!