Playground Safety: What to Look for When Choosing a Play Space for Your Little Ones. Hopefully, you have a lot of options when it comes to playgrounds in your community. These spaces are great for encouraging some much-needed outdoor play and exercise for children of all ages. More and more, these playgrounds are being designed with safety and inclusion in mind. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best space for your family.

Equipment Safety
Old, or broken equipment can cause a serious risk to children. Before using any playground or park, do a visual check for playground safety on any structure, swings, slides etc. If you have any concerns, give it a more comprehensive inspection. Things break all the time, so before you allow your little ones to jump, climb or swing, give the equipment a quick once-over.

Fences and Gates
Fences and gates serve multiple purposes in a playground space. They keep little kids, (who can be quick little escape-artists) contained, they help define the space for the children and the parents watching them, but also can keep overly curious or friendly neighborhood dogs away from the little children who could be afraid or startled by. One great reason for fences you may not know – children with autism feel safer in these lightly enclosed spaces—making playgrounds more inclusive for more of our children.

You may not think about amenities when choosing a playground, but a picnic table, benches, a clean bathroom, and water fountain can make all the difference! Besides great play equipment, you will want to consider what else is in the park to make everyone’s day enjoyable.

Sun Protection
More and more playgrounds and parks are being built with sun protection and shade. Look for parks with plenty of shade trees and sun sails. In addition to keeping the spaces cooler, sun shades protect against the damaging rays that can cause skin cancer later on. Here are some great playground shade installations.

If you are interested in learning more about shade sails or playground safety, please contact us at Creative Shades: 888.570.SAIL (7245). We are always excited to talk about your projects and hope we can make your playground a little safer.