Whether you are shading a playground at a local park, school or church protecting play areas are critical for the safety of the children and commercial shade structures are an affordable way to provide protection from harmful UV-rays.

There are many different structures and creative ways to use shade to keep the playground and seating areas cool. You can protect your outdoor play environment from the sun by integrating shade structures into any portion of active use zones. Take a look at our schools & playground projects for ideas.

Entire Play Structure Cover

Sail shades are made to cover part of your play structure or the entire playground. There are many different shapes available to meet your playgrounds needs, including square, rectangle or hexagon shape. There are also different sizes and colors that you can customize for your play structure. You can even overlap to cover more of the play area.

Here we are using a standard 4 post pyramid to cover an entire play area.

Integrated Shade

Another cost-effective way to install a shade to your playground is to opt for the integrated shade. This modular type shade allows you to utilize the posts of your play structures to add a shade over various areas of the playground. This can be done when the playground is installed, or you can even have it added to your playground at a later time.

If you have an irregular space to cover, you can use a multilevel shade sail which could cover a swing set or playground seating area.

Shade Independent Play Areas

Smaller areas like playground bouncers, musical gardens, or free-standing climbers are perfect candidates for single-post umbrellas. These are an affordable option and save space as you only need one post to support the umbrella instead of multiple.


Choose Creative Shade Solutions for Your Playground Project

If you have any questions about your custom shade sail project, please give us a call. We service all 50 states and our structures are used all over the United States and Canada. When you work with us, there is no middleman and you save money as a result, and we have a proven track record.

We are locally owned and operated and our commercial shade sails and structures are made in Tarpon Springs Florida.

If you are ready for a quote, please take 30 seconds to submit a little information about your project and we will get back you as soon as possible.

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