Commercial shades are an ideal option when it comes to improving the aesthetic of your outside area and providing protection from the sun and the rain. Shade structures can also protect equipment and vehicles for the elements as well.

The style of the shade structure you choose for your business is dependent on the purpose of the shade structure. Is it for aesthetic purposes? Is it only used as a shade or is it to be used as a focal point at the office building? These questions will help you determine the size of your shade and the style that you want.

The good news is, shade structures come in all sizes and shapes. And can be used in just about any environment, as you have probably seen shade structures at shopping malls, parking lots, swimming pools, restaurants, stadiums, and office buildings.

Here are just a few things to consider before selecting a shade structure?

What is the size of the area I want to shade?

Shade structures can be customized depending on the size of the space that you have. You will need to accurately measure the space for a perfect fit. You’ll also need an idea of the area so we can give you a quote on a custom shade solution.  If you need more information on measuring an area, take a look at our “How to Measure An Area For Your Shade Sail.”

What type is shade structure do I want?

Shade structures can either be static or adjustable. Static shade structures are those that are put permanently on your property and cannot be removed easily. The more permanent structures are more expensive but are more resistant to extreme weather and longer lasting. As for adjustable shade structures they include umbrellas that can be moved or taken down more easily.

What is my budget?

Of course, determining your budget is important early in the process. But if you are not an expert in commercial shades or have not been through the process of purchasing and installing a shade structure before, it may be best to measure the area where you want the shade and then reach out to us. We can beat any price and do our own installations for all commercial projects.

What do you need the shade for?

As mentioned earlier you may need shade structures for different reasons. It is important to think the main purpose of the shade structure. All will protect against UV rays and weather making an outside area more comfortable.  But will the shade be used to protect your customer vehicles against the harshness of the sun, or do you need to shade a playground to protect children as they play outside?

Do you want to make a statement or blend in?

Shade structures can also be used artistically as a focal point of attraction. They can be used in commercial settings to beautify an area in addition to the normal protection against weather and the elements. Are you trying to make a statement with your shade structure, or do you want your structure to just blend in as well as possible with its environment?

These are just some basic questions to ask before getting too far in the process. Creative Shade Solutions can help answer all of these questions.  Please give us a call at 1.800.836.4519 for assistance.