Keep the Old. Add the New: Revitalizing old buildings with Shade Sails.
Today’s cities are being revitalized with a nod to the beautiful old architecture but with a twist of modern, with added shade components taking a prominent role in this new and beautiful trend.

The Young like the Old (and the New!)
While young professionals and families had in the past flocked to the benign safety of suburbs, they are now beginning to be drawn to the amenities and vibe the city can offer. And with that, comes money and urban revitalization. This has spurred the trends of restoring downtowns to their former glory, and improving upon the existing structures with the modern function of shade sails and other coverings. These shade structures, awnings and exterior shades are now being used for “upgrading” historic architecture by providing shade and shelter from the elements, and providing an inviting aesthetic element to the buildings—without taking away from the inherent beauty of the existing storefronts, office buildings, schools and churches.

Benefits of Shades
With an interior shade, up to 50 percent of solar heat gain can be blocked–but with an exterior shade there is the potential to block 85 percent of heat gain from entering the space. For older buildings, this can be a huge change and have a significant and effect. This energy efficiency has a significant impact on municipalities trying to improve sustainability while balancing the preservation needs of its structures.

Cost Effective and Creative
There are myriad ways to refresh urban communities using shade structures—but great design has one thing in common. Using the unique combination of function and aesthetics, communities are now turning to the effective and creative shade sail textiles to create creatively and cost-effective solutions.

There are Some Rules
When the installations of shade sails are in historic areas in cities, they are typically overseen by historic preservation entities to ensure that the new structures don’t compete with the old, but rather enhance or highlight the beauty of the amazing historic architecture. It is important to note that some townships and cities have architectural review boards or landmark preservation organizations in order to honor and preserve the aesthetic of these buildings. When adding a shade sail or awning, it is critical to follow all local regulations, permitting and processes.

If you would you like to learn more about how shade sails are part of the rejuvenation of cities across the US, check out the Creative Shade website or give us a call at 888.570.SAIL.