Selecting a Shade Sail Manufacturer: At Creative Shade Solutions, we are proud of our record of service. We offer design, fabrication, and installation of commercial shade structures and our clients choose us for our proven track record and great references and a list of happy clients! But how should you choose a shade sail manufacturer or installer?

We have put together a checklist for you so you get the best shade sail partner for you.

Is the Price Right
We put “price” as number one here, but really this should say “value.” You want commercial grade sales and premium shade structures at the right price. This is not about compromising quality though! You deserve the best quality for the best price.

Will it Meet Building Codes?
Shade sails must be installed properly for your protection and that of the people who are on your property! All of our structures are engineered to the latest Florida and International Building Codes and you should make sure any installer you choose can guarantee they meet the building codes in your area.

What Warranties are Offered?
Warranties give you the peace of mind that if something happens, your manufacturer and installer will stand behind their product and service. At Creative Shades we offer the best (10/20) warranty to back our products including a limited 20-year warranty on all steel columns and frames, a limited 10-year warranty on all shade fabric and Tenara thread. A limited 1-year warranty on powder coating, hardware and workmanship not covered by any of the above, and a factory-direct best prices for high-quality USA-made shade structures. This type of warranty coverage shows a dedication and ability to back our words with actions.

Full Engineering and Permitting
Installing shade sails is a big job. It must be done with careful planning, engineering and with filing the correct permits. You need an installer that follows all of the rules and regulations of your area and applies for the necessary paperwork.

Oodles of Options
Everyone likes options! Be sure to choose a shade sail manufacturer that offers a variety of colors, fabrics, shades and structure options so that your project is the best it can be for its application.

There are several things that are intangible, yet still should go into your decision-making process. For example, we are locally owned and operated for 18+ years and have factory-direct best prices for high-quality USA-made shade structures. We have quick lead times and a reputation in our community that is hard-won and important to us.

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