Commercial 95 Fabric:

The best mix of strength, durability, and maximum sun protection is provided by Commercial 95, ensuring maintenance-free, long-life performance.

It is a porous fabric that wouldn’t retain any water and wouldn’t trap heat; additionally, by attaching the sail at a small angle, ponding problems are avoided. Commercial 95 is a slightly translucent shade sail. You can see through the fabric in some lighting conditions, which gives the space a less contained feeling.

Choosing commercial 95 fabric will give your property both functional and aesthetic aspects by offering shade during the day and a focal point at night.

Commercial Sail Fabric and Material Options | Creative Shade Solutions


  • For fray and tear resistance, knitted lock-stitch construction allows increased air circulation and improved cool breeze channeling.
  • With its ease of manufacturing and low maintenance, UV-stabilized HDPE monofilament and tape yarn offer the ideal combination of strength and UV block.
  • Strong HDPE won’t rot or absorb moisture
  • Reduces sun exposure for safe and extended periods of time outside with a UV Block range of 91.1%-95.5%.
  • 10-year fabric warranty against UV deterioration
  • A healthier atmosphere is achieved by eliminating all lead and phthalates.
  • 100% recyclable.


Powder Coating Colors:

To guarantee that all steel posts are the proper size and have solid structural integrity. With corrosion-resistant metals, zinc plating, galvanizing, and powder coating, our products are built to last.

Steel post specifications:

  • International Building Code 2013 / FBC 2014
  • Structural Steel Fabrication as per IBC 2009 Section 1704.2.2.

Commercial Sail Fabric and Material Options | Creative Shade Solutions