Planning Installation of a shade sail? Probably the first question you have is about how large a sail you will need. The answer is pretty straightforward, and we want to share that with you here!

Regardless of whether you need shade for a commercial business, a school or home, the way the area is measured is the same. First consider the space you wish to shade. Are there natural anchor points such as a building or large tree? Are there obstructions that will need to be removed? Will you need a simple single shade, or several small shades?

The best way to start the process is to measure out some rope, enough to make a 25-foot triangle. Tie the ends together. You can use this rope to match good anchor spots and determine the shape of the triangle. If this size may work, move it around and see at what points you might be able to attach it. If the size is too small to cover all of the space you want to shade, measure out another 25-foot length of rope and tie the ends together.

With both sets of triangles, you can overlap and place the ropes to cover the space. Be aware of where the corners could be attached (if there is an existing structure, or if a post will need to be placed). Note, the sail does not have to attach directly to the post. Most structures have a cable that attaches to the shade and then to the post, so you can think of that in your planning as well.

Generally, 2 triangles are sufficient for this planning activity, but you may want to use three (or more) depending of your area. Take lots of pictures and mark and measure the corners when you have determined the best spot of the anchor.

Next, consider the shade color. Perhaps you would like to mix the colors for a fun look, or maybe a single unified color is best for your application. Check out our website for some inspiration!

Lastly, bring your project plan to us here are Creative Shade Solutions. We will be able to use your plan and photos to build custom shades or use a standard size. Our engineering team will determine the best location for posts, taking into consideration where you hoped they would be, as well as apply for any permits you will need before we get started.

Your new shade sail structure will look amazing, and keep your space safe and cool for years to come!