People mistakenly believe that being in a shaded area shields them from the sun’s UV rays.  In reality, the most dangerous component of UV rays comes from indirect sunlight.

That is why Sunshades are important for more than just providing cool shade; they filter most ultraviolet rays, just like sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays.


Here are a few things to think about before installing a shade sail.

  • The size of a structure,
  • Its orientation (which way it faces),
  • Location with respect to other structures, such as buildings, trees, and other vegetation.
  • The sun’s angle and the amount of cloud cover have an impact on how much UV protection a structure offers.Commercial Shade Sails over a children’s play area shade sails in backyard

Larger shaded areas offer greater protection than smaller ones because the quantity of diffuse UV that affects the skin depends on how much open sky is visible from the shadow. A Shade sail that offers the most protection from the sun’s rays is those that are surrounded by other structures and have side walls or other side protection.

Fabric Colors:

Choosing a color for your shade sail can be difficult when planning or buying it.  We disagree that you should choose a fabric’s color based on its purported ability to reduce temperatures. Our Commercial 95 colors come in a variety of colors, and all of our materials provide 90% UV protection and dramatically lower temperatures.  Better heat transfer is possible thanks to the knitted high-density polyethylene fabric material. This indicates that it keeps your outside environment cooler in addition to keeping the sun off of you. Commercial 95 fabric is resistant to stains, mold, and mildew.

Therefore, we believe that all colors will work beautifully, so if you want a darker shade, go for it or a lighter coloring will work just as well and provide an equally good tone if that is what you want.