We understand how annoying it may be if you reside in a windy place. Thankfully, there are choices for shades that can remain in place even in windy environments.

Most shade sails are made of HDPE fabrics, which come with a 10-year UV warranty. Properly developed and constructed structures are made to endure the scorching sun. Yet, how about severe winds?

At Creative Shade Solutions we specialize in shade sail that can resist strong winds. We developed a selection of shade structures that are particularly advantageous for coastal areas and have been manufactured and designed for high wind speed requirements.

To assist the fabric, we add auxiliary components like extra cables or headboards made of steel.  Our custom quick-release system helps to tension the structure, for example, when the wind strikes the sail, the cloth tightens because they are made to form a tense structure. The stress is transferred to the mountings as a result, and as long as it is firmly affixed to the surface, everything should be all right.


Helpful Hints

  •  Tighten Them Up! – Nothing damages a sail faster than a loose sail flapping and pounding in the wind. The majority of folks don’t make them tight enough! 
  • Three-dimensional shade sails are more stable and more attractive! At least four corners are required, and the more height variations, the better! – A very stable, dynamic three-dimensional shape can be created by altering the heights (2 lows opposite each other on a diagonal and 2 highs opposing each other on the other diagonal). A three-dimensional form can also be created with just one high corner and three low corners.

It’s crucial to take the fabric’s weight, weave, and surface treatment into account when selecting a sun shade sail. The breaking strength, heat tolerance, and UV resistance of various fabrics vary. Depending on your climate and planned use, pick the appropriate cloth.

If correctly installed and fastened, sun shelter sails can withstand windy conditions. Cleaning and checking them for damage on a regular basis will help them last longer.