Shade Sails: Form AND Function – Adding a shade sail (or sails) adds to both the safety and the beauty of an outdoor space. While most shade sail projects start as a need to cover a space and provide UV protection, the ability of shade sails to enhance the aesthetic of a playground, recreation area, outdoor dining area or office, has brought talented and knowledgeable designers and architects to the shade sail team.

Utilizing the concept of ship sails, a shade sail is a fabric covering that is held tightly between three or more attachment points. This gives shade sails an attractive and interesting look in and of themselves. The materials used are durable, and include UV protection built into the fabric. And with proper engineering and a designer’s eye for color and composition, shade sails can significantly improve the beauty of a space—AND provide the primary function of protecting people from harmful UV radiation. Properly installed and with care, the shade sails themselves become an amazing piece of functional outdoor art. It is for these special, and often custom installations that we are extremely proud. Most importantly, we seek safety and quality when we work on a shade sail project, however, when we can add a bit of whimsy, or color—it makes what we do that much better. We especially love custom shade sail work for amusement parks, playgrounds, and schools, where the pop of color AND the shade protection are especially important!

Here are several great projects we have done where form and function have been married perfectly. If you are looking for assistance in a design for your recreational space, playground, entryway or amusement park, check out our design page or give us a call at 888.570.SAIL. Remember: Shade Sails provide Form AND Function!