It is very important to have optimal protection against radiation in spaces or facilities where UV rays also reflect off of surfaces like concrete or metal, such as parking lots or car wash facilities.  Commercial Shade Structures can help protect employees, clients, and cars at your business.


It is very important to provide a covered area for both customers and employees. By contributing to a cool environment for employees, you are protecting them from sunburn.  Happy employees will last longer and will help to maintain a profitable business.


We have worked with multiple car washes, providing permanent sun shade structures.

Car wash Shade System

At Creative Shade Solutions, we design and manufacture shade structures with many benefits for your business:

  • A custom car wash canopy can attract drivers and drive-by traffic while supporting branding and marketing efforts
  • These shade structures can shade vehicles and guests during post-wash services
  • Can shade cars drying in the parking lot
  • Offer shade for customers and employees in detailing areas and vacuum bays
  • Enhance customer comfort and the experience
  • Structures can reduce glare and direct sun contact at a car wash, which can help prevent streaks and show your staff where a car needs more detailing or cleaning

These Shade sail structures can be purchased in several designs, different colors, and manufactured to fit the required space and according to special requirements.