While enjoying the outdoors, it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun. If drawing spectators to your sports facility or other outdoor venues is vital to you, you must also assure their comfort while they are there.

Installing a commercial shade structure is an excellent approach to give your visitors the impression that they’ve got it made in the shade!

Improves the Overall Experience:

  • By creating a shade structure for them
    • You’re lowering the risk of them succumbing to a heat-related illness.
  • Allows Patrons to Stay Involved in the Action
    • You’re increasing their overall experience and motivating them to return to your facility to play!
  • Reduces the annoyance of glare
  • Protects Your Athletes and Performers
    • By installing a shade structure, they will be less exposed to the sun and will be more comfortable!
    • Protects your facility from the effects of the weather.

The Cantilever Shade and the Hip roof Shade are two types of bleacher shade structures we provide.

  1. The Cantilever Shade

Abacoa 9 Shade Sail

For bleachers, a Cantilever shade is an excellent choice. With support posts just in the back, this style of shade not only provides a comfortable shady location for your fans but also gives obstruction-free sight.  A clear vision, less area required for mounting, and visual appeal are only a few of the advantages of these structures. Cantilever shade solutions can be used on sidewalks, bleachers, car washes, and parking lots, among other places.


  1. 4 Post-Hip Rectangle Shade

Shade for sports complexes, dugouts and bleachers

Our four-post square structure is a simpler way to provide shade for your project. Our canopies can be installed immediately over your football, soccer, baseball, or tennis bleachers. Our shades are composed of a non-porous polyethylene fabric that allows hot air to rise and escape, lowering the temperature beneath them.

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