Sun damage and skin cancer can be detected years, or even decades, after repeated exposure to the sunlight that caused it. Most of the time, it is impossible to determine exactly when or how much sun caused the abnormal cell growth. However, one thing is clear—the more we do to avoid excessive direct sunlight and sunburn the better. Sunscreens, protective hats and clothing and shade are all important strategies to be able to enjoy the outside, while remaining protected from skin damage.

At Creative Shades, we take the threat of skin cancer seriously. When we design a space, we carefully consider where the shade sails are placed and why. Here are just a few places where sun shades can make a real difference.

K-12 Schools
Schools benefit from shade sails over school playgrounds, but also in outdoor classroom spaces and pick-up and drop off line locations. Children and staff should be protected and in many parts of the country, PE classes, recess and other activities are conducted outside all year round. Here are some examples of school sun shade installations that we have installed.

Day Cares and Preschools
Anyone with small children knows that the best thing for the little ones is a day full of plenty of energetic outdoor play. That means ensuring protection from the sun in all spaces. We have had the great fortune to design and install shade solutions in several daycares and preschools and they look amazing. Fun colors and shapes add to the important function of keeping the kids safe. Check out some of our recently completed spaces for daycares/preschools.

Churches and Community Spaces
Children are not the only ones who need to be protected from extreme sun exposure. While everyone should be careful, it is critical to give older community members a safe place to enjoy the outdoors as well. Churches, and other community spaces often consider shade solutions to cover small park or garden areas. Here are some community and church spaces with beautiful shade sails.

Parks, Playgrounds and Recreation
Parks, playgrounds and recreation spaces are frequently thought of when discussing sun shade options and there is a great reason for that! We have installed some absolutely incredible sun shades that add to both the safety AND the aesthetic of the space. Check out some of these really fun and safe family options for recreation spaces and parks.

If you are interested in learning more about how a shade sail solutions can improve your outdoor space, please give us a call at 888.570.SAIL (7245).