The academic world has endured change. Now, bringing college students and teachers into the outdoor is a modish manner to inspire the enhancement of fresh thinking.

The incoming COVID-19 relief funds for education offer unprecedented aid to community colleges and K-12 schools across the country.  Passed in December 2020, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act grants COVID-19 relief funds to schools throughout the U.S.

The purpose of the fund is for schools to use their relief funds to build outdoor classrooms, upgrade their facilities and encourage outdoor learning.  With the aid of generating Shade Structures in schools, they will prevent the spread of coronavirus (covid-19).

Shade sails for faculties are imperative because:

  • Facilities with outdated ventilation systems can provide far more fresh air to students outside than they can indoors.
  • help forestall heatstroke, arduous, sunburn, and exclusive warmth-related conditions.
  • protective in the direction of risky UV rays.
  • safeguarding playground system.




A Shade Structure will provide you with a place for college students to grow, study, and play. It could also distinguish your college from the rest. Even as students may not be playing on a playground all through recess, they spend numerous days out within the sun for lunch, sports, and walking to class. From out of doors consuming areas, to the courtyards where they get together, shade structures are paramount.


There are many benefits to school Shade Sails:

  • generating space for outdoor dining
  • students can play outside more often
  • provides a center of attention factor
  • Parents can wait for children protected
  • permits college students to let off steam and get exercising


At Creative Shade Solutions, we have plenty of experience working with faculties/colleges to design playgrounds and outdoor study areas which are flexible and cost-effective, and that enable outdoor areas to reach their full potential.  We’re excited to help your community college or K-12 school build an outdoor learning environment that students, professors, and teachers alike can use.