We offer a selection of Commercial 95 hues at Creative Shades, and all of the materials significantly lower temperatures beneath the structure.  This shade’s high-density polyethylene material is knitted rather than woven to allow heat to pass through. This keeps your outside space cooler and keeps the sun off of you. You’ll get 90% UV protection and fabric that’s stain, mold, and mildew resistant. 

Shade sails not only provide refreshing shade, but they also protect UV rays, which can burn and damage your skin. UV protection is the act of preventing ultraviolet light from reaching you. Our Shade Sails, like sunscreen, help protect your skin from UV damage by blocking the majority of the ultraviolet rays.

We haven’t noticed a significant change in temperature based on color and believe you shouldn’t choose a cloth color based on the supposed potential to reduce temperature. In our opinion, all colors will work well, so if you want a darker color, go ahead and get it. If you prefer a lighter tint, that will work just as well and give the same tone.

When you’re in the planning or purchasing stages, picking a color for your shade sail can be challenging.  Your choice may come down to personal preference, but some may argue that there are functional reasons to choose a light or dark color.  The argument is that if you want optimal cooling and UV protection.