Understanding the many types of shade structures and their numerous applications can assist you in selecting the best fit for your business’s project. Knowing where shade can be applied at your place and the benefits of shade can potentially boost the usefulness of the space.

Shade structures can provide sun protection for your business, whether it is a playground, restaurant, or other outdoor commercial facility. Commercial shade structures can also enhance the aesthetic of your company’s outdoor space by incorporating intriguing and visually appealing utilitarian components. Shade structures are popular because they are available in a number of shapes, sizes, configurations, and colors, and they may even be customized to make your business’s environment unique.

Various Types of Shade Structures

Hip Roof

Our 4-post square and rectangular shade structures, often known as Hip Roof playground shades, will look wonderful on your playground. They can reach up to 11 to 15 feet at the ridgepole, and even higher depending on size.

These hip roof playground structures are a tried-and-true design for providing shade on commercial playgrounds. Based on the strength of the posts’ size and rigidity in the ground (typically held by concrete), this design provides maximum strength for the canopy-support structure and the canopy.


Cantilever Shade Structures are ideal when there is insufficient space for traditional posts in your shade area. Shade is sometimes required above an area, but the posts of a standard hip shade would make installation impractical. Shade places such as walkways, bus stop seats, bleachers, and carports are simply achieved with posts at the back of the shade structure.

Multi layered Shade Structures

Multi-panel structures include more than one piece of cloth and allow you to overlay multiple colors! Typically, these are larger and more complicated structures. Structures with many panels are intended to allow some sunshine into the shady region. These are aesthetically pleasing and more prevalent in outdoor locations that require a massive, one-of-a-kind, and custom construction.

Shade Sails

Sail shades offer unique sun protection and may shade both large and small spaces. Aside from the architectural appearance, the design of sail shade structures is particularly functional because they can be employed in regions with irregular or specialized column arrangement.

Single Post Umbrella

Single post shades have a range of applications. They are ideal for providing shade in smaller locations such as outdoor dining tables, poolside seats, and more. They also come in a range of shapes and styles.