Commercial 95 WP combines the durability of Commercial 95 with the addition of a high-quality clear waterproof coating on one side.

The fabric blocks up to 97.7 percent of UV rays with a shade factor between 76.8 percent for lighter colors and 95.6 percent on the dark end of the spectrum.

Unlike our standard shade sails, Waterproof Shade sail fabric is created with a monofilament and tape construction, the base material consists of UV-stabilized HDPE with UV-stabilized LDPE coating.

Our waterproof shade sails require almost no maintenance as they self-clean in the rain, and it won’t rot or absorb moisture.

Waterproof shade sails are ideal for commercial applications where all-weather protection is desired.

  • It is important to note that the waterproof cloth is approximately 30% more expensive than standard fabric and is available only in limited colors.
  • Recommended Install at a 20–40-degree angle with maximum tension to allow rain runoff. If not, rainwater may accumulate in the shade like a bag, which can cause the material to stretch. You need to tighten the shade or set it at a steeper angle. Also, make sure that there is no place where water could accumulate that would prevent water from running straight off.
  • More Design work.
  • Heavier steel post with bigger footers to withstand the heavy fabric.

Some great applications for a waterproof sail include:

  • Entryways to office buildings – Keep employees dry and protected from the sun outside the office! Waterproof sails are perfect as awnings and entryways.
  • Bus Stops and outdoor waiting areas – Anywhere people gather to “wait” is a great spot for some waterproof sails. These protect from both the sun and the rain.
  • Restaurants – Restaurant entryways or outdoor dining areas can benefit from waterproof sails. Many clients have used waterproof sails to increase their restaurant seating capacity.
  • Picnic and playground areas – Waterproof sails are perfect to cover areas of a playground or picnic areas of schools or parks. We recommend a mix of waterproof and standard sails for most playground applications.