Which Fabric to Choose: Waterproof vs Standard

Generally, people seek out a shade sail for the obvious benefit of blocking out some of the sun’s rays and heat, and provide a safe place for children to play, or people to gather. Here at Creative Shade Solutions we use a standard fabric with +- 88% water runoff. This is appropriate and sufficient for most clients. However, there are certain applications where a waterproof option is ideal — and for that we have some great solutions.

It is important to note that the waterproof cloth is approximately 30% more expensive than standard fabric and is available only in limited colors. While waterproof shade structures are a good solution for many applications, it can get expensive to install them and they also require extra heavy-duty anchoring points. When a client asks for waterproof, we always like to point this out and make sure that the waterproof option is the best fit for them!

Some great applications for a waterproof sail include:

  • Entryways to office buildings – Keep employees dry and protected from the sun outside the office! Waterproof sails are perfect as awnings and entryways.
  • Bus Stops and outdoor waiting areas – Anywhere people gather to “wait” is a great spot for some waterproof sails. These protect from both the sun and the rain.
  • Restaurants – Restaurant entryways or outdoor dining areas can benefit from waterproof sails. Many clients have used waterproof sails to increase their restaurant seating capacity.
  • Picnic and playground areas – Waterproof sails are perfect to cover areas of a playground or picnic areas of schools or parks. We recommend a mix of waterproof and standard sails for most playground applications.

Which Fabric to Choose: Waterproof vs Standard: No matter whether you need a sun shade or a waterproof sail, Creative Shade Solutions is here for you. Give us a call today at 888.570.SAIL for your consultation.

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