A quick google search for the cost of a sunshade for your playground will yield you a wide range of shade products – and an even wider range of what the expense could be to your pocketbook!  So how can you get a better idea of what a quality sunshade will cost to protect your playground?

Let’s take a look at all the factors to consider when it comes to shading your playground and protecting both the playground equipment and the children that will be playing on it.

According to the Office of the Surgeon General, skin cancer is a major public health problem and actions must be taken to prevent its risk.  It is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer – especially with the younger generations – and is actually easily preventable.  Yet the number of cases in the U.S. continue to increase, and the external costs are overwhelming, with an estimated yearly cost at a whopping $3.3 billion.

It’s well-known that the sun is at its peak between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm, with some areas receiving intense heat and sun exposure later into the afternoon.  These hours also happen to be when children are most often outside playing.  Protecting them from too much sun exposure during those peak hours is paramount to their health and well-being.  Creating a safe, well-shaded environment for outdoor play is the best solution for children to keep both active and healthy.

The Handbook for Playground Safety also suggests to consider the amount of direct sun on the playground equipment, and asks the question: “Is sun exposure sufficient to heat exposed bare metal slides, plat­ forms, steps, & surfacing enough to burn children?”

Providing sufficient shade can not only protect children from painful burns and possible severe injury, but can also protect you from potential liability.  Proper shading of the playground equipment can also extend the life of the product and protect it from becoming warped, cracked, or otherwise damaged from sun exposure.

Playground Shade Options

Options that utilize Mother Nature are considered cost-effective and beautiful, but do require patience while trees mature to full-size.  Placing trees for shade also demands that other safety and maintenance factors are considered, such as the potential for falling limbs, the need for debris to be frequently cleared from the playground, or the ability of the trees to withstand stormy weather without damaging the equipment.

A custom shade structure designed and installed by Creative Shade Solutions is, by comparison, a worry-free solution.  Our supports and fabrics are designed to withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour, and can reduce exposure of up to 98.8% of harmful UV rays.  Our custom shade structures and sails are built to last, providing your playground project with years of beautiful shade.

Are you ready to protect the children in your community and your playground equipment investment today?

We can help you implement a well-planned playground shade project to protect both you and your community!  Contact us today to get started on your custom playground shade project in Florida or Georgia!