Where NOT to put a Shade Sail: You may have read a lot about where you SHOULD put a shade sail, but do you know where NOT to put the sail? Here are a few places to avoid!

Near a BBQ or Firepit

Yes, the materials used to manufacture the shade sail shade will be fire retardant… BUT, it is still important to avoid any open flames or extreme heat. The chemicals and heat can damage the shade and shorten its viability.

“No Touching!”

When two things rub together it is said that they are “chafing”. Once your shade sail has been installed, it is best that it does not touch or rub against anything. Even the smallest thing can cause chafing and will reduce the life of the shade.

Doors, Windows, Trees and Swings

Stay clear of doors, windows, trees and swings – anything that could touch the shade, even briefly when opening, or in the case of trees, if they blow and sway in the wind.


Be careful when planning for your new shade sail that you are not obstructing outdoor lights that are already installed.

Water Runoff

Shades should not be installed near roofs where gutters are not adequate during heavy rainfalls. While light rain should runoff the shades, downpours that overflow the gutters could damage a shade that is too close to the house/building.

Building Codes / Planning Permission

Check with your local planning authority to see if permits or planning permission is required in your in your area when installing a shade. Also check with HOAs for any regulations.

If you have more questions or for more information about shade installation, please check our installation page. And as always, we are happy to talk to you about your specific project. Feel free to contact us at 888.570.7245.