Have you ever attempted to construct a shaded space with a tarp or similar material? The tarp’s edges were pulled taut when it was fastened to the anchor points and tension was applied, but the center was always left hanging down, where the wind would gather. When it rains, the tarp’s center is probably going to retain water as well, or worse, it might push water toward the location where you need weather protection rather than away from it and structures.hexagon octagon shade 3

To eliminate this from happening, curves were added to the perimeter, and after the corners were pulled, the cloth in the shade sail’s core become tauter as a result of this impact. This gets rid of the loose or drooping cloth that was in the middle of the tarp where the grommets were. The fabric won’t wrinkle, sag, or flap in the wind if it is tensioned correctly.


To maximize your return on investment, extend the life of your shade sails, and maintain the warranty, it’s critical that your shade sails be installed and tensioned correctly. The gores, or curves, enable for appropriate tensioning to prevent the shade sail from swaying in the wind.

In order to minimize floods and water pooling, the shade sail should be erected with at least a 1:6 slope or incline, with the slant flowing water away from the building or structure. Slope and strength can be used to create a hyperbolic parabola shade that is both beautiful and durable, outlasting nearly all two-dimensional shade sail design.Custom Residential Shade Sails

Golisano hospital shade sailsWorking with a skilled design team at Creative Shade Solutions can help you implement a shade sail design that is commercial grade quality, will provide beautifully designed and eye-catching shade, and is practically maintenance free! Wind and water combine to become an extremely damaging force in the southeast.

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