Shade structures are actually useful for a wide variety of problems, not the least of which is offering shade from the hot sun. In addition to shade, however, shade structures also provide protection from other elements such as rain, snow, sleet and hail. Hail protection is particularly important in parking structures and covered parking can generate significantly greater revenue over uncovered parking. No matter your needs or the venue you need to protect, there is a shade structure that is just right for you. Here is an overview of some different types of shade structures to help you find just the right one for your needs.

1. Cantilever Shade Structures

Cantilevered shade structures utilize a unique post system that keeps posts from blocking the view or taking up valuable real estate. A cantilevered system places posts at the back of the structure and the canopy or shade is held aloft by an independent support structure. Unlike hip shade structures that place posts on all corners, cantilevered shade structures only use two posts at the back of the support system. This leaves the front end completely free of obstructions. Cantilevered shades are very low profile and add shade and protection without marring the view.

Cantilevered shade systems are highly versatile and can be customized for almost any need. They are a great option for pools, patios, covered parking, bleachers or stadium seating, parks, playgrounds, picnic areas or any other outdoor seating areas. They are available in a wide variety of design styles and can be configured to meet almost any need. They can also be used with hip, arch or wing roofs to provide both functionality and unique style.

2. Multi-Panel Shades – Hexagon/Octagon

Multi-Panel structures are one of the most aesthetically attractive shade structures, because they utilize a variety of fabric tops to create a unique look. The fabric panels are generally placed in a multi-level configuration which not only provides shade, but also offers an attractive visual element. While multi-panel shades are excellent at providing shade, they are not the best option for providing shelter for other types of inclement weather.

On the other hand, they are also one of the most customizable options for creating a unique look. With Multi-Panel structures, you can mix and match colors or even use patterned panels to create a unique and individualized look. They can also be configured in a wide variety of shapes and styles such as octagons, hexagons, pyramids and more.

3. Canopy Shade Structures

Canopy shade structures are possibly the most classic type of shade structure. They are generally used to shade walkways, benches and other smaller areas. They can also be configured with curtains that can be closed on one, two or three sides to create an open enclosure or on all four sides for privacy. Classic canopy shades are generally square or rectangular and can cover anywhere from a few hundred square feet to a few thousand. Canopy shade structures are excellent for use pool-side or anywhere you might want to offer complete or partial privacy.

4.Hip Shade Structures

Hip shade structures generally feature a clean, straight roofline, but they are also available with a slanted roof. A slanted roof structure is best for protection from both sun and inclement weather, since rain, snow or sleet will simply roll right off the shade. Hip shade structures utilize outer support posts and come in four, six and eight column options, depending on the size of the structure. Smaller structures can even be assembled using two center supports. Hip shade structures are also one of the most economical options, which makes them one of the most popular.

Hip shade structures are highly stable and are great for shading both large and small areas. They can shade an area as small as 100 square feet or Super Span Hip structures can be assembled to cover several thousand square feet. Joined Hip structures can also be assembled to cover longer areas, such as parking structures or long walkways. Hip strictures are great for playgrounds, multiple seating areas, outdoor event spaces and even for providing covered parking.

5. Shade Sails

Shade sails are another shade option that does more than just provide shelter from the hot sun. They also provide a stunning visual feature similar to multi-panel shades. Sails are fully customizable in terms of column heights and attachment points and also like multi-panel shades can be further customized by fabric color or texture. Shade sails are available in 3 and 4-point Hypar and 5-point Sails. They work as both a stand alone structure or can be layered together in groups or configured as multiple structures. Also like multi-panel shades, shade sails are best for shade protection alone. Due to the open sides of shade sails, they are not as useful for providing protection from other elements, other than possibly a light rain.

Shade sails provide excellent coverage for pool areas, splash pads, play areas and other open air venues. They also provide a striking feature to building entrances and other outdoor venues. If you want something that is both visually stunning as well as being practical, a shade sail structure might be right for your needs.

Creative Shades Solutions Made in the USA 

No matter what your needs, there is a perfect shade structure to meet them all. From playgrounds to sports venues to parking lots to restaurants with outdoor seating, shade structures don’t just provide protection from the sun and other elements, but they also offer an attractive architectural feature in and of themselves.

Shade structures can also be completely customized for your specific needs as well. From building codes to architectural design, whatever you need a structure to fit with, a shade structure can be erected that will perfectly meet whatever criteria you need it to. Shade structures are available for both commercial and private use and for the largest venue to the smallest. From temporary shelter to long-term commercial coverage, we can help you design a shade structure to meet all your needs.

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