With a variety of designs to choose from, including square and rectangle shades, hexagon and octagon shades, umbrella-style shades, cantilevered shades, our full range of playground shade structures is great for schools, daycares, and more! All of our shades come in standard sizes that you see on many playgrounds, but we can also custom-design shade structures to your needs.

Our durable canopies are made for long-term usage, and our steel poles are rated to withstand hurricane force winds. More significantly, unlike our rivals only sell enormous shade structures online from a catalog, our firm has constructed and installed hundreds of these structures on actual playgrounds. We provide knowledgeable guidance and information about our goods and installation techniques. For further details, please visit our parent website at https://www.creativeshadesolutions.com/, give us a call at 888. 570.SAIL (7245) or send us an email at info@creativeshadesolutions.com.

Playground Attached Shade Seating Cantilever Umbrella

Why Choose to Work with Us?

Playground shades come in a range of sizes, styles, and colors, and the company sells and installs them. Although there are other websites selling shades, a lot of them just offer them straight from catalogs. Our sales staff and installation crews have actually dug the holes, lifted the posts, poured the concrete, and fastened the shade canopies. They have the skills to provide you with an educated analysis of your demands regarding the shades and how to install them thanks to their practical experience.

You should measure your play space and determine the proportions of the area you wish to shade before choosing the model and size of shade to buy. During the day, you should also pay close attention to the sun’s movement across the playground. This will assist you in determining the proper location for the post sinking. When figuring out the height of a shade, keep in mind that the values we provide (for instance, 8 feet) represent the shades outside border above the ground. In many shade designs, the center shade will be roughly three or four feet taller than the outer edges. Please call us at our toll-free number if you have any queries regarding our playground structures.