Whether you are planning to transform your indoor or outdoor environment, shade sails are highly rated by the architects. They come with several benefits for both in residential and commercial establishments. Even though shade sails have been used for decades, they remain to be more popular these days, because:

• Shade sails protect from Sun’s UV rays which cause skin cancer and diseases.
• Installing shade sails, you can transform a simple outdoor setting into an attractive and dynamic place. Moreover, its stylish appearance complements various architectural approaches.
• Shades help in lowering utility cooling bills by keeping the sun off your window and prevent heat from reaching the glass. In addition to this, shade sails can be removed or retraced to bring sunshine into your home during winters.

All in all, they are safe, affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and durable (to varying degrees). So, the popularity of shade sails makes perfect sense.

When it comes to shopping for shade sails, like so much of all shopping is done these days, many people choose to shop online. If you are among the people who will be considering to purchase your shade sails from Amazon or another e-commerce, you will want to know the differences with safety, durability and quality between their shade sails and shade sails from Creative Shade Solutions. Where you buy your shade sail from should depend on what is important to you when selecting a manufacturer of shade sails. Here are some of the differences you will find between Amazon Shade Sails and Creative Shade Sails.

Is Protection Important to You When Selecting a Shade Sail?

When buying a shade sail from Amazon, it’s really difficult to know what you are getting. There are countless supplies with varying degrees of protection. Creative Shade Solutions manufacture their own shades and understand what it takes to develop products of the highest quality, consistency and integrity to ensure maximum safety.

Fire Safety

Although you may find a couple shade sail suppliers on Amazon who offer flame retardant materials that meet the NFPA 701 – 2010, ASTM E-84 Class A fire standards (the most stringent global fire standards), the selection is extremely limited.

Creative Shade Solutions offers 50 color choices, by far the widest range of flame retardant knitted fabrics. Providing both safely and aesthetic is important to Creative Shade Solution and therefore, are dedicated to ensuring shade sails of flame-retardant material does not limit their consumer’s choices. Instead, offers an expansive selection.

UV Protection

When it comes to UV protection, how much blockage is enough? If you are like most people, you know the damage UV rays cause and desire the maximum protection available. So, let’s look at how Creative Shade Solutions shade sails UV protection compares to the protection provided by some of the more popular shade sails sold on Amazon.

There is a fairly wide range of shades solutions offered by Amazon shade sail suppliers. Although some of these companies claim to offer 95% protection from harmful rays, the average protection for Amazon shade sails is 70% and some as low as 50%. You might be thinking that 95% protection from UV rays isn’t so bad and maybe it isn’t. However, upon further review, this protection offered by Amazon shade sail suppliers may not be as good as it seems. For example, these companies usually have only a 5-year UV degradation warranty, with a disclaimer that the warranty is only valid under regular weather.

Creative Shade Solutions, on the other hand, uses commercial-grade shade fabric that can block 98.8% of harmful UV rays. Instead of the limited 5-year warranty, they offer a 10-year fabric warranty (up to a 20 year warranty) against the sun and UV degradation and guarantee full code compliance for the installation of shade structures and sails to ensure maximum lifespan.

Looking for a Shade Sail that is Built to Last?

As already mentioned, shade sails sold on Amazon have extremely limited warranties. Some may offer a 3-year warranty guarantee or if they do offer a 5-year warranty, there are many restrictions or these guarantees are stated as goals, and not a guarantee.

Because Creative Shade Solutions uses premium-grade materials and latest manufacturing technologies, they are fully confident in offering the best warranty you will find and guarantee all their products.

Another thing to consider is how Amazon companies promote the uses of their shade sails. For example, common uses that are promoted include backyard, porch, pool, and BBQ area. This is true, but what they fail to mention is how the use will impact the lifespan of the shade sail.

It is always crucial to consider the surrounding environment when installing a shade sail. Damage caused by concentrated heat reflection impacts shade structures differently. The degradation from alternative heat sources like BBQ, Outdoor Heater, or reflection material will cause a separation in the fabric and damage the area.

The most important thing to look at is the weight of the fabric – the Amazon fabric various from 180gsm to 220gsm. Creative Shade Solutions use nothing less than 320gsm. Shade sails with less than 320gsm will not be able handle the tension and the stretching needed to successfully install a tensile shade sails project.

Don’t Forget About the Comfort You Expect from a Shade Sail

Creative Shade Solutions shade sails can be found throughout the United States, coast-to-coast, in some of the hottest and coldest climates. These shade sails are a superior product – often for less than the cost of an inferior products found on Amazon. The tensile shade sails are made of durable, high-density polyethylene shade fabric. One of the best benefits is the high-performance cloth that has the ability to “breathe” allowing breezes to flow freely through the fabric fibers, lowering the temperature under our shade structures by 15-20 degrees. This is not something common among Amazon shade sail suppliers, but when it was mentioned, the most the fabric lowered the temperature by was up to 10 degrees.

What Type of Support do You Need when Installing a Shade Structure?

Creative Shade Solutions does more than provide the fabric. Here are some of the other benefits that separate Creative Shade Solutions shade sail purchases from Amazon.


Amazon is an e-commerce site that delivers thousands of products. As such, Amazon sails come from several different manufactures and the quality of those shade are unknown. Creative Shade Solutions, on the other hand, specializes in manufacturing only top-quality shade products without a middleman. This enables Creative Shade Solutions the hands-on experience needed to be confident that their shade sails are innovative and exactly the right fit for varies customer needs, from design and fabrication to functional shade solutions.


Again, Creative Shade Solutions offers custom-built shade structures that are designed and installed with craftsmanship. Right from contract to installation, the project coordinator guides and supervises the project to get the job done professionally. Simultaneously, CSS offers replacement of old and dull shades to improve your outdoor. On the contrary, Amazon offers nothing like this.

If you place a high value on the functionalities and quality of shade sails that were mentioned above, here is a quick summary of the reasons you should choose Creative Shade Solutions for your next shade structure project.

Guarantee Best Price for top– quality indoor and outdoor shade solutions.
18+ Years Experience of offering a variety of sails makes the CSS the first choice of people.
Fast Lead Time to deliver your ordered shade sails at your doorstep.
Superior Quality Shades that stand for long run against all weather conditions.
Custom-Built Shades that precisely improve the outdoor spaces to look aesthetic.
A Big Variety of shades for various purposes including multi-level shade sails, cantilevered shade structure, hexagon/octagon shade structures, mega span shade structure, T-style shade structures, play set shades and much more.
Our Services includes the installation and replacement of old shade to complement the architecture of the property.
Up to 20 Years Warranty of getting shades free of defects in workmanship
High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shade fabric and super durable TENARA® thread fabricated shades promises maximum lifespan.

Now, the choice is yours! Amazon is an online e-commerce site offering products. On the other hand, Creative Shade Solutions is one-stop for design, fabrication and installation along with online offering a wide variety of shades for commercial purposes.