You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to offer shade to a playground or open area but don’t want it to take up a lot of floor space. The various shade structure styles that you can incorporate with a playground area are covered in the section below.

No matter your space or budget, Creative Shade Solutions can help you create the perfect shade for any location.

Integrated shade structures often include umbrellas, sails, and customizable shapes. These shade structures are different from stand-alone shade because they are integrated into the playground equipment. These types of structures are designed to cover the center of your play area without creating any obstacles. You can add a swing set with an integrated shade canopy.

The canopy is suspended in the air above the swing structure, casting a long shadow that keeps the playground cool.

This type of shade structure not only protects the kids who are playing but also the particular equipment to which they are tied, designed to be shaded by them.


The fact that our shade structures are constructed to industry standards means that they provide the following benefits:

  • Up to 99 percent UV protection, 92 percent shade (depending on fabric color),
  • 80% water repellence, cooler equipment (paint and plastic are shielded from fading in the sun),
  • cooler kids (shade lowers the risk of sunburn, sunstroke, or heat exhaustion),
  • long service life (each shade structure has a 10-year limited warranty),
  • and a variety of colored fabrics and colored powder coat
  • Cost-effective solution to shade playground.


Because of this, our clients can benefit from professional services at any stage of the design and construction of a shade structure. They gain from having peace of mind knowing that Creative Shade Solutions has the greatest degree of proficiency in every area of the business.

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