In order to keep your shade structure in great condition, you’ll need to know how to properly maintain it.

The responsibility of maintaining the only thing protecting you from blistering heat and destructive storms may sound a bit intimidating, but rest assured the process is so simple that it can be broken down into a few tasks and to help you along.

Check Condition: 

It’s important that every part of your shade structure is in good enough condition to do its job properly. Here are a few parts you should check regularly:

-Fabric Tension: Check the tension on the cable every  12 months. Check for any rust on the cable and cable clamps. Cable needs to be replace every second year.  Cable tension MUST be correct – check the tension by pushing the center on the cloth not more that 3” inward.

-Fabric: Check for stains, patches, and other weaknesses like holes or tears. Spotting these early can prevent further damage to the shade sail.

-Post Footers / Foundations : Make sure these are planted firmly and show no signs of leaning. Leaning posts means that the foundation is not sturdy and if it’s left unchecked, the structure could collapse.

Remove The Sail When Not In Use: 

During the spring and summer months, the shade sail is used to combat  SUNs UV rays. For the rest of the year however, the weather switched to snow and sometimes major snow storms. Leaving the sail up in these conditions will only expose it to the elements and increase its likelihood to be damaged. With that said, only use your sail when you need it.

Avoid Using Strong Detergents: 

Strong detergents contain very harsh chemicals and washing your fabric with them can cause it to be discolored or even disfigured. Use lighter detergents instead and your fabric will last so much longer. Recommend to use a light dishwashing liquid and a broom, then lightly pressure wash.

Prune Nearby Trees And Shrubs: 

Make sure that any shrubs or trees are pruned so that your shade sail won’t be torn up.

Maintenance Schedule: 

Not only should you make sure your structure is well taken care of, but you should do it on a regular basis. Break out your calendar and make a plan for how often you should perform maintenance. Set a goal for once a year , but just make sure that you can perform maintenance consistently.


The shades should be cleaned regularly with a water hose to help remove stains. Be mindful that if you use a high-pressure hose, clean from a good distance. High-pressure water applied up close can damage the shades and you know by now that damage is bad.

Keep Away From Fire:

The shade structure you have is more than likely made with multiple materials  that is flame retardant. With that said, make sure all flames are at a safe distance from the structure. Don’t even think about having a barbecue or open flam under it.

So, we went through every tip you might need to keep your shade structure in great condition.

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