There are numerous designs for umbrella shade structures. Because they only have one vertical pillar, these shade structures are excellent for creating a large shadow with little visual presence. These umbrellas shield customers and guests from the sun. Additionally, they lower temperatures by casting shadows. The shades are made with industrial strength, meaning that even in 80 mph gusts, they will not break. (The steel structures of the shades are rated for 150 mph.) Your outdoor space will benefit more from a shade as the sun gets stronger.

Advantages of Canopy Shades

Our shade structure umbrellas provide your property with a host of wonderful advantages, such as:

  • Long service life – each shade structure comes with a 10-year limited warranty.Els 6 Shade System
  • Cooler guests – shade lowers the risk of sunburn, sunstroke, or heat exhaustion.
  • Wide choice of colored cloth and colored powder coating for the steel components
  • 99% UV protection and up to 92% shade (variable based on color of cloth)
  • 80% resistance to water
  • Paint and plastic on cooler equipment are shielded from fading in direct sunlight.


Features: The word “umbrella” conjures images of a pointed top and a central pillar. However, we also provide 6- and 4-sided umbrella shade styles. We also offer them in a cantilever design, which has the post out to one side and extending over the canopy, or with a single center post.

Please click the link to our website to view the colors of our fabric and powder coating.

Colors – Fabric and Materials – Creative Shade Solutions

Custom models of any size and height are something we can produce.

Price: Please give us a call at 727-947-3067 to inquire about shade rates.