Yes, Your Shade Sail Can Withstand Storms 

If you’re thinking about buying a shade sail for your business, school, playground, or day care, you might be wondering if shade sails can withstand storms. If you are worried about chasing your shade sail down the road after a big storm roll through or finding your shade sails destroyed, there are ways to minimize those risks. Whether you’re worried about thunderstorms or high winds, it’s important to understand how well shade sails will stand up. Let’s look at how well shade sails will perform during storms.


Depending on the type of shade sails you have, you might end up with water getting through during a big storm. Waterproof shade sails are very sturdy and won’t let water or hail through. However, some shade sails will not protect whatever is underneath from the rain.

When planning your shade sail design and installation, you will want to think about the drainage and runoff, especially with large shade sails. Some shade sails are very easy to remove and put back up, as well.

With good quality shade sails manufactured by Creative Shade Solutions, you are sure to get the best protection offered. Don’t forget, correct installation of shades sails becomes even more important so make sure you consider Creative Shade Solutions, your end-to-end shade sail provider.

High Winds

When the winds kick up during a storm, you don’t want to see your shade sails blowing down the road. You want them to stay put and do their job. High-quality shade sails can withstand high winds and will stay in place if they were installed correctly. They are hard to break and can take a lot of pressure or weight before they will break.

Some shade sails can even be custom made to withstand being installed in high wind speed. If you’re in an area where high winds are common, consider getting custom shade sails made for high wind areas. Standard shade sails are porous. These shade sails will let the wind through, which means they will remain sturdy through most storms. If you have waterproof shade sails, they will also withstand high winds, when installed properly.

Storms Can Damage Shade Sails

Shade sails can become damaged during storms. However, the most common reason for the damage is poor installation. If you hired someone with little experience, or a shade sail company that doesn’t fabricate and manufacture their own shade sails, you might not be happy with the results when a storm rolls through.

Another reason why your shade sails might become damaged during a storm is poor quality materials. If they were poorly stitched or the materials were cheaply made, they might tear away much easier than high-quality shade sails. Always choose high-quality shade sails and proper installation.